Central Transportation Planning Staff

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The staff to the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS), was created in 1974. The purpose of creating CTPS was to develop a permanent resource of expertise in comprehensive, multimodal transportation planning and analysis, to promote interagency cooperation, to ensure consistency among planning efforts, to reduce redundancy, and to fill gaps in the capabilities of MPO members—thus enabling the MPO´s 3C work and other, related work for member agencies to be accomplished efficiently and effectively.

CTPS is led by Executive Director Karl Quackenbush, Deputy Executive Director Robin Mannion, Director of Policy and Planning Elizabeth Moore, and Director of Technical Services Scott Peterson. The multidisciplinary staff includes transportation analysts, planners, and engineers, as well as other professionals working in the areas of geographic information systems, data processing, cartography, graphic design, and editing.
Each of CTPS’s nine groups operates with its own mission.

Administrative and Finance Services Group
The Administrative and Finance Services Group conducts all aspects of grant and contract management, budgeting, purchasing, human resources, space management, and general office functions.

Certification Activities Group
The Certification Activities Group conducts the MPO’s 3C (continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive) planning process and ongoing programs. The group develops the certification documents and implements the MPO’s Transportation Equity program. It also conducts air quality analyses and special studies.

Editorial Group
The Editorial Group ensures that all written products are well organized, clearly written, correct in their English usage, appropriately formatted, and consistent internally and with each other.

Graphics Group
The Graphics Group produces custom graphics, designs, photographs, and maps.

Information Technology and Services Group
The Information Technology and Services Group (1) acquires, maintains, and operates information technology hardware and software; (2) develops, acquires, manages, processes, analyzes, and distributes transportation data and other information, (3) maintains Internet and intranet sites, and programs utilities and applications; and (4) provides staff assistance and training in the use of these resources.

Traffic Analysis and Design Group
The Traffic Analysis and Design Group identifies cost-effective improvements to the roadway system that will address mobility and safety needs in the region. The group monitors mobility, identifies areas for potential improvement, and recommends potential action. The group also provides technical assistance to the state’s transportation agencies.

Transit Service Planning Group
The Transit Service Planning Group identifies efficient, cost-effective, and equitable transit service to support efforts to address the mobility needs of those who live or work in the region and those who visit. The group monitors the performance of existing services operated by transit providers in the Boston Region MPO service area, identifies areas that are not served or underserved by transit, evaluates potential improvements, and develops implementation plans for improvements.

Transportation Systems Analysis Group
The Transportation Systems Analysis Group applies the regional travel demand model set and other modeling techniques to assess the impact of regionally significant transportation projects and land use alternatives on travel demand and air quality.

Travel Model Development Group
The Travel Model Development Group builds and maintains a state-of-the-practice regional travel demand model set for predicting the impact of regionally significant transportation improvements and land use polices on travel demand and air quality in eastern Massachusetts.