Technical Memorandum


DATE:   February 7, 2019

TO:         Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization

FROM:   Karl Quackenbush, MPO Executive Director

RE:         Public Participation Plan Amendment


1        Background

The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Public Participation Plan (Plan) documents the MPO’s Public Participation Program, which comprises the various outreach activities that the MPO engages in to ensure that all members of the public—including populations that are described as traditionally underserved by the transportation system and/or have lacked access to the decision-making process—are given the opportunity to participate in the metropolitan transportation planning process. The Plan incorporates federal and state requirements for encouraging and ensuring community participation, and includes the annual public engagement schedule for the MPO's three certification documents: Long-Range Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and Unified Planning Work Program. The Plan was last approved in 2014.


2        Proposed Amendment

MPO staff has updated the MPO’s Plan to change the public review period for the TIP from 30 to 21 days and to reflect recent changes in legislation, information and communication technologies, and public participation practices. Staff recommends that the MPO release the Plan for a 45-day public review period.