Draft Universe of Potential Community Transportation Projects for Presentation to the MPO,
December 20, 2018


Municipality Project Type Project Concept Potential Project Sponsor/Proponent*
ICC blank blank  
Boston Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Implement some of the recommendations contained in the Fairmount Line Station Access Analysis, http://www.ctps.org/fairmount-station-access  City of Boston
Boston Transit Operations and Improvements; Education and Wayfinding Implement signage for commuter and intercity buses stopping curbside in downtown Boston, in accordance with recommendations in Chapter 4 of the Massachusetts Regional Bus Study, http://www.ctps.org/2013_mass_bus_study City of Boston, MassDOT, bus carriers
Boston  Transit Operations and Improvements Improve the waiting area for EZRide shuttle buses on Nashua Street outside of North Station with weather-resistant shelters and seating City of Boston, Charles River TMA
Cambridge Transit Operations and Improvements; Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 1) Pilot or permanent implementation of two bus lanes on access roads connecting the Alewife T with Route 2, to benefit MBTA, TMA, and shuttle buses.
2) Safer crossing of Alewife Brook Parkway near Rindge Towers (public housing project), better access between Rindge Ave. housing, Fresh Pond Mall, and Alewife train station
3) Pedestrian bridge from Alewife to Fresh Pond
City of Cambridge, Route 128 BC, Alewife TMA
Cambridge, Somerville Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 1) Linking the Community Path Extension with the partially built Grand Junction Path (and the People's Pike near the I-90 project), the proposed Mystic to Charles Connector Friends of the Mystic to Charles Connector, and the GLX Project.
2) Link the Rose Kennedy Greenway with the Charles River Paths. Fix the Charles River path near the Museum of Science, including a dedicated bike lane in both directions.  
City of Cambridge, City of Somerville, DCR
Everett, Somerville Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Extension of Northern Strand Community Trail from Everett to Assembly Square. City of Everett, City of Somerville, MBTA
Everett, Chelsea Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Improve sidewalks, crosswalks, and other routes to transit along the route of the 112 and other local buses. City of Everett, City of Chelsea
Malden Transit Operations and Improvements; Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Implement more dedicated space for bicyclists, pedestrians, buses, and pickup/drop-off near Malden Center Station. City of Malden
Melrose Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Improving bike and pedestrian access between neighborhoods, transit stations, commercial districts, and schools and parks.

Town of Melrose
Waltham, Newton Transit Operations and Improvements Shuttle from Riverside MBTA station to Brandeis campus Route 128 Business Council, Brandeis University
Watertown Transit Operations and Improvements The Pleasant Street corridor, which has five new residential rental developments and an existing redeveloped office park, is completely unserved by public transportation. The WTMA is currently studying establishing shuttle service along the Pleasant Street corridor, to connect residents and employees to Watertown Square, where they can access buses to the Red Line and downtown.  (More details available in documentation from Laura Wiener.) Town of Watertown, Watertown TMA
MWRC blank blank blank
Ashland Transit Operations and Improvements; Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 1) First-mile/last-mile connections to commuter rail
2) Improve transit access to Ashland Commuter Rail station (shuttle to downtown/MWRTA Route 5)
Town of Ashland, MWRTA
Framingham Transit Operations and Improvements 1) Shuttle connection from Golden Triangle to downtown
2) Shuttle to Dennison Facilities
City of Framingham
Framingham Parking Management Expand park-and-ride in downtown Framingham City of Framingham
Natick Parking Management Parking expansion at Natick Center commuter rail station Town of Natick
Natick Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Connect Cochituate Rail Trail to Natick Center commuter rail station Town of Natick
Wellesley Parking Management Expanded parking at all three Wellesley commuter rail stations Town of Wellesley
Weston, Wayland Parking Management; Transit Operations and Improvements Shuttle from downtown Wayland to Weston commuter rail stations Town of Weston, Town of Wayland
MAGIC blank blank blank
Concord Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements; Transit Operations and Improvements; Education and Wayfinding 1) Improve pedestrian, bicycle, and transit connections to West Concord station        
2) Implement wayfinding strategies and signage along the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail 
3) Recommendations pursuant to 2016 CTPS technical assistance memos   
Town of Concord
Lexington Transit Operations and Improvements Consolidate multiple shuttles operating on Hayden Ave. in Lexington Town of Lexington, Route 128 Business Council
NSTF blank blank blank
Beverly Transit Operations and Improvements 1) Make Beverly Depot a mobility hub. Connect to bikeshare, uber, car-sharing in an organized way.
2) Connections for Cherry Hill manufacturing employees from Lynn, Beverly Depot
City of Beverly
NSPC blank blank blank
Reading Transit Operations and Improvements; Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 1) Better connectivity from Walkers Brook to downtown, including possibly establishing a multimodal path next to the MBTA tracks to accommodate the many people who already walk along the tracks because it’s the shortest way to get from the Walker’s Brook area to downtown.
2) Creation of remote parking with a shuttle service to open up prime parking spaces by the commuter rail, which are currently occupied all day by commuters and thus aren't available to patrons of downtown businesses
3) More bike lanes and sidewalks. Road diet on South Main (Rte. 28) as a start.
Town of Reading
Winchester Parking Management Parking will be lost at Winchester Center during (and after?) reconstruction. Provide a shuttle from off-site parking to compensate. Town of Winchester
SSC blank blank blank
Cohasset Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Bicycle and pedestrian approaches to station are dangerous, especially on Sohier St. Town of Cohasset
Hingham Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Bicycle and pedestrian approaches to station are dangerous, especially intersection of Kilby St./Route 3A Town of Hingham
Hull Transit Operations and Improvements Better (shuttle?) connections from town to commuter rail Town of Hull
TRIC blank blank blank
Canton Transit Operations and Improvements; Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 1) Improve pedestrian, cyclist, or transit accommodations for the many senior living and low-income multifamily developments along Rte. 138 in Canton. 
2) The 716 bus doesn't run frequently enough and has no sheltered bus stop locations along the Washington Street corridor.
3) Implement the recommendations made in the Boston MPO study of the Route 138 corridor
4) Reestablish first and last mile connections for Royall St.  Once served by the RaiLink Shuttle (NVTMA) to the Route 128 Commuter Rail, Quincy Adam, Mattapan, and Ashmont Red Line Stations. Originally, two shuttles were funded with CMAQ funds and contributions from several employer partners. Once funding ended many businesses dropped out. One shuttle remained in service, which was privately funded by Reebok and Computershare. Reebok added an Express shuttle to the commuter rail from March 2016–October 2017. Due to Reebok’s move to the Seaport and a significant workforce reduction at Computershare, service was suspended in April 2018.
Town of Canton, Neponset Valley TMA
Dedham, Norwood, Foxborough, Walpole Transit Operations and Improvements; Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 1) Legacy Place fixed-route and shuttle improvements
2) Patriot Place shuttles
3) Employee access to Route 1 from MBTA 34E and other transit stops, especially safe pedestrian/bicycle environment
4) Shuttle from Norwood commuter rail stations to Moderna and/or new 40B developments in the same area
Towns of Dedham, Norwood, Foxborough, Walpole; Neponset Valley TMA
Sharon Parking Management Shuttle or innovative carpooling/ridesharing arrangement from off-site parking to Sharon train station. Town is considering building a parking structure. Town of Sharon, Neponset Valley TMA

*Bold red text indicates a project proponent or sponsor with whom MPO staff have had advanced conversations about the relevant project

CTPS = Central Transportation Planning Staff. DCR = Department of Conservation and Recreation. GLX = Green Line Extension. ICC = Inner Core Committee. MAGIC = Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination. MassDOT = Massachusetts Department of Transportation. MBTA = Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. MPO = Metropolitan Planning Organization. MWRC = Metrowest Regional Collaborative. MWRTA = Metrowest Regional Transit Authority. NSPC = North Suburban Planning Council. NSTF = North Shore Task Force. NVTMA = Neponset Valley Transit Management Association. SSC = South Shore Coalition. TMA = Transit Management Association. TRIC = Three Rivers Interlocal Council. WTMA = Watertown Transit Management Association.