Title: Regional Transportation Advisory Council - Description: RTAC Letterhead


MPO Public Education Strategies and Methods: Peer Examples

Prepared for the December 14, 2022, Advisory Council Meeting


Denver MPO (DRCOG) Civic Academy

       7-week course on regional issues, including transportation, economic vitality, housing, and civic engagement

o   Each course has weekly 3-hour evening sessions

o   Sessions feature lectures from local subject experts, small-group interactions, and networking opportunities

o   During course, participants develop individual action plans for involvement in planning after course completion


Washington DC MPO (MWCOG) Community Leadership Institute

       Workshop series for community leaders to get involved in transportation planning and decision-making

o   Program has 3 workshops total

o   During workshops, participants review case studies, participate in interactive group activities, and learn how transportation decisions are made

o   Course material includes information about planning processes and decision-makers, and intersections between transportation, land use, jobs, housing, and forecasted growth


Sacramento MPO (SACOG) Initiatives:

Civic Lab

       Funding program for regional teams (municipal partnerships) to design and launch pilot projects that address local challenges with regional implications

o   Teams receive support from SACOG and hold monthly workshops to identify issues and design small-scale pilot projects, then partner with private sector stakeholders on implementation

o   Longer-term goal of using lessons learned from pilot projects to scale up at the regional level

o   Each year program focuses on a different theme, i.e., smart mobility or commercial corridors

  Year 1 (mobility) resulted in 8 teams piloting 10 projects around the region, with over $3M distributed, and a spin-off mobility accelerator program created for future projects (see below)


Innovative Mobility Accelerator

       Spin-off program from Civic Lab Year 1 mobility pilot projects to scale up innovations and lessons learned through a new round of projects focused on innovative mobility solutions to transportation challenges


Youth Leadership Academy

       5-month course for high school students to gain knowledge and skills for civic engagement and leadership

o   Hybrid program with biweekly Saturday sessions; cohorts of 40 students

o   Curriculum focused on increasing understanding of local government and planning processes, racial and social justice issues in planning, intersecting systems and impacts, and effective ways to engage

o   Facilitates connections to career opportunities and networking with local leaders and advocates, and builds skills for future civic engagement and participation in planning and public sector work

o   SACOG provides outreach toolkits for stakeholders to help spread the word about this program and invite students to apply