FFYS 2023-27 TIP Adjustment Two

This is a complex table that has not been optimized for screen–reading software. If you would like to request this table in a alternative format, please contact the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS) via email at publicinfo@ctps.org Overall Changes in Funding in TIP
Project Proposed Change Explanation Section/Funding Source From To Difference
FFY 2023 Statewide Highway            
608348: Beverly - Reconstruction of Bridge Street Source Change The funding sources for this project have adjusted to reflect the correct breakdown of state match for federal funds.  The overall budget remains the same.  Advertisement  is planned for 5/13/2023. STBG, HPP $12,594,932 $12,594,932 $0
FFY 2024 Statewide Highway            
608562: Somerville - Signal and Intersection Improvements on Interstate 93 at Mystic Avenue and McGrath Highway  Cost Increase The estimated cost for this project increased by $402,557 upon submission of 25% designs.  Advertisement is planned for 2/17/2024. HSIP $6,122,559 $6,525,116 $402,557
FFY 2023 Transit Program            
RTD 0011132 - MetroWest Regional Transit Authority - Vehicle Maintenance Alternative Fuel Infrastructure - Discretionary. Description Change The project description for this line item has been adjusted.  Its former project description was "MetroWest Regional Transit Authority - BODY SHOP - DISCRETIONARY."  The scope of work remains the same. N/A $3,750,000 $3,750,000 $0


FFY = Federal Fiscal Year. HPP = High Priority Projects. HSIP = Highway Safety Improvement Program. MWRTA = MetroWest Regional Transit Authority. RTA = Regional Transit Authority. STBG = Surface Transportation Block Grants.