Overall Changes in Funding in TIP
Project Proposed Change Explanation Section/Funding Source From To Difference
FFY 2023 Statewide Highway            
608208: QuincyMiltonBostonInterstate Maintenance and Related Work on Interstate 93 Source Change The funding sources for this project have been adjusted to reflect the amount of bridge preservation and maintenance work in the contract. The overall budget remains the same. State Highway:
$37,591,924 $37,591,924 $0
FFY 2023 Transit Program            
RTD0010589: CATARevenue Vehicle Replacement Correction Budget adjusted to accurately reflect the total federal funding share as identified by the project. FTA Section 5307 $870,000 $965,000 $95,000
CATA = Cape Ann Transportation Authority. FFY = Federal Fiscal Year.  FTA = Federal Transit Administration. HIP-BR = Highway Investment Program - Bridge.  NHPP = National Highway Performance Program.