Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization


What is the MPO, and what does it do?


The Boston Region MPO is a government agency that works to improve the transportation system for the 97 cities and towns in the Boston region through technical analysis, collaborative planning, and community engagement.


The MPO allocates federal and state funding to transportation projects that improve roadway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure. Programs and projects are prioritized based on the MPO’s long-term goals, developed every four years, to address existing and anticipated mobility needs.


MPO Goals

What types of projects does the MPO fund?

Transportation projects funded by the MPO impact all people in the region, including those who bike, drive, use public transit, walk, and use assisted mobility devices. The MPO allocates funding for regionally significant infrastructure projects like expressways and smaller community investments like expanding sidewalks.


Examples of projects funded by the MPO include:

The MPO provides planning support and funding to these types of projects but is not directly involved in construction or operations.


How does the MPO make decisions?

The MPO is led by a decision-making board, including representatives of the Boston region's cities and towns, other planning agencies, and a public Advisory Council. The MPO board guides the development of transportation planning programs and projects by setting a long-term vision and goals for the region’s transportation system and deciding which projects to fund each year. Board meetings are open to the public and take place twice a month. Visit the MPO's calendar for more information.


Boston Region MPO Municipalities


Map of the Boston Region MPO municipalities


We want to hear from you!

The MPO board considers input and advice from members of the public when deciding where to invest money to improve the region’s transportation system.


There are many opportunities to engage and help shape MPO planning and decision-making.


Join the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is seeking new members to help shape the MPO’s work. You are welcome to attend meetings and participate. Please visit the Advisory Council’s webpage ( for more information.


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Everyone can participate

The MPO believes that an equitable transportation system ensures that all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, income, ability, or sex, receive comparable benefits and are not disproportionately burdened by MPO investments. Learn more about your rights under the Civil Rights program, or request language or accessibility support by emailing



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