Scenario 3 Project Adjustments - Project Data


(FFYs 2024-28)
(FFYs 2025-29)
612989 Boston- Bridge Preservation, Cambridge Street over MBTA BOSTON Bridge deck replacement of Cambridge Street Bridge with upgraded bicycle and pedestrian accomodations and a westbound bus lane for buses traveling from Sullivan Square to Somerville. Structure is a National Highway System (NHS) bridge despite city ownership with some components dating back to 19th century. The bridge intersects multiple rail lines and Interstate 93. Asset condition as of a December 2021 inspection was fair with 6/10 on deck, 5/10 on superstructure, and 5/10 on substructure, putting it in similar condition to the Mystic Avenue and Maffa Way bridges just north along the same rail alignment. 53.2/100
SCOPE TO DESIGN ENGINEER (4/5/2023) 2026 2027 $16,632,000 $16,632,000 $17,864,000 FFYs 2024-28 TIP: Project introduced, programmed for $16.32M in FFY 26. Project had completed a 100% design internal to the City of Boston before the City pursued MassDOT PRC to seek funding for the structure. Design adapting to MassDOT requirements.
609257 Everett- Reconstruction of Beacham Street EVERETT Full depth reconstruction of two thirds of a mile of roadway with a buffered shared-use path.  Shared-use path will cover from Robin Street to the Chelsea city line. Sidewalk reconstruction and additional safety improvements included. 54/134 (COMPLETE STREETS, FFYs 2020-24) PRC-APPROVED (12/06/2018) 2025 2027 $10,548,928 $10,548,928 $11,766,111 FFYs 2020-24 TIP: Project scored but not funded by MPO. Attained PRC approval just before application.
FFYs 2021-25 TIP: Project funded by MPO in FFY 2025 for $10,545,024.
FFYs 2022-26 TIP: No changes.
FFYs 2023-27 TIP: No changes.
FFYs 2024-28 TIP: No changes.
605743 Ipswich- Resurfacing and Related work on Central and South Main Streets IPSWICH Reconstruction of the roadway between Mineral Street and Poplar Street (3,200 feet) to improve the roadway surface. Minor geometric improvements at intersection and pedestrian crossings will be included. 47/134 (COMPLETE STREETS, FFYs 2020-24) 25% RECEIVED (3/29/2023) 2026-27 2027-28 $11,728,698 $11,728,698 $12,597,490 FFYs 2018-22 TIP: Project scored but not funded (38/134)
FFYs 2019-23 TIP: Project funded in FFY 2023 for $3,019,550.
FFYs 2020-24 TIP: Project funded in FFY 2023 for $2,939,052.
FFYs 2021-25 TIP: Project delayed to FFY 2024. Cost remained the same.
FFYs 2022-26 TIP: No changes.
FFYs 2023-27 TIP: No changes.
FFYs 2024-28 TIP: Project delayed to FFY 2026. Project cost increased to $11,728,698 resulting from 25% design submission. The cost increase was funded by advance construction in FFY 2027 to cover a surplus of funding during that TIP development cycle and the project delivery schedule.
609437 Salem-Peabody- Boston Street Improvements SALEM Roadway reconstruction with separated bicycle facilities and full Complete Streets design elements. ADA accessibility upgrades, new traffic signal at Boston Street and Aborn Street. Replacement and upgrades to several other traffic signals along the corridor. 69/134 (COMPLETE STREETS, FFYs 2021-25) 75% RECEIVED (1/17/2024) 2026 2027 $14,172,868 $26,122,722 $28,057,738 FFYs 2021-25 TIP: Scored, but not funded.
FFYs 2022-26 TIP: Scored, but not funded.
FFYs 2023-27 TIP: Funded for $13,977,600 in FFY 2026.
FFYs 2024-28 TIP: No significant change (minor cost increase to $14,172,868)
607981 Somerville- McGrath Boulevard Construction SOMERVILLE The project implements the recommendations of an earlier Grounding McGrath study to replace the McCarthy Viaduct with a 1.5 mile at-grade urban boulevard and more conventional intersection configuration. The project includes improvements for bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between Somerville's neighborhoods, along with transit improvements for the corridor including transit signal priority and queue jump lanes. The provided bike facilities will connect into the Somerville Community Path and intermodal facilities for the East Somerville Green Line Station. 72.2/100 (MAJOR INFRASTRUCTURE, FFYs 2023-27)  DESIGN PUBLIC HEARING (2/13/2024) 2027-30 2027-30 $98,840,000 $98,840,000 N/A FFYs 2023-27 TIP: Project initially funded with $20M in FFY 2027, with expectations set to fund it through 2030. The project had been evaluated for several TIP cycles as early as FFYs 2020-24 (based on available records).
FFYs 2024-28 TIP: To utilize funding surpluses in FFY 2027, the MPO increased the advance construction allocation to the project from $20M to $35M in that year to help offset long term AC costs for future TIP cycles. This would have required only $20M in FFY 2029 and $13.8M in FFY 2030 to fund the project in full.
608954 Weston- Reconstruction on Route 30 WESTON This project resurfaces the entirety of Route 30 in Weston for 3.7 miles with geometry and other safety improvements, including some signals. (Note: Some signals may be removed from the project due to a recent cost increase.) There is a tentatively planned 10-foot off-road shared-use path for the full length of the project. 49.2/100 (COMPLETE STREETS, FFYs 2022-26) DESIGN PUBLIC HEARING (9/22/2022) 2026 2027 $16,420,119 $19,999,712 $21,481,172 FFYs 2022-26 TIP: Project scored but not funded.
FFYs 2023-27 TIP: Project initially programmed for $17.03M in FFY 2026 as the project had reached 25% design in October 2020, with 25% comments in April 2021.
FFYs 2024-28 TIP: No recommended changes for the project, lack of inflation factor decreased budget to $16,420,119 because of no action. Flagged for risk due to concerns over public comments received when project was evaluated in FFYs 2022-26, 2023-27, and 2024-28. Comments were mostly negative, with staff receiving only one comment in support from resident in neighboring Framingham with abutters resubmitting petition.
610662 Woburn- Roadway and Intersection Improvements at Woburn Common, Route 38 (Main Street), Winn Street, Pleasant Street and Montvale Avenue WOBURN The project performs safety and operational improvements and includes reconfiguration of the Woburn Common rotary. The project is 5,000 linear feet, including Main Street (Salem to High Street), Pleasant Street (Woburn Common to Court), and Montvale Avenue (Main Street to Greenwood Avenue). The project includes full roadway reconstruction, realignment, and sidewalk reconstruction. The project adds one new signal and replaces two existing signals. 75/134 (COMPLETE STREETS, FFYs 2021-25) PRC APPROVED (12/19/2019) 2026 2027 $17,382,600 $17,382,600 $18,670,200 FFYs 2021-25 TIP: Scored 75/134 and programmed in FFY 2025, project had reached PRC in December 2019 just before application. Programmed for $16,680,800.
FFYs 2022-26 TIP: No sizable change from prior years, project had inflation factor reduction to $16.1M.
FFYs 2023-27 TIP: Held 2025, inflation factor reduction again to $15,530,400.
609532 Chelsea- Targeted Safety Improvements and Related Work on Broadway, from Williams Street to City Hall Avenue MASSDOT This project improves safety for all users of Broadway in Chelsea. The project includes improvements to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, including sidewalk widening, tree boxes, and dedicated bus and bike lanes with protective barriers. The project will upgrade signals and pavement markings and perform ADA compliance upgrades to improve boarding for MBTA bus users. 83/134 (COMPLETE STREETS, FFYs 2021-25) 75% RECEIVED (1/29/2024) 2025 2026 $6,315,013 $9,807,515 N/A FFYs 2021-25 TIP: Scored by MPO at 83/134. Programmed into FFY 2025 of the Statewide Highway Program where it remained for some years.

FFYs 2024-28 TIP: The project had been in the prior FFYs 2023-27 TIP as a Statewide Highway project programmed in FFY 2025 for $6.56M. MPO staff had scored it some years prior at 83/134 and as a result it was highlighted as a fill-in project for FFY 2025.



Abbreviations: AC = Advance Construction. ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act. FFY = Federal Fiscal Year. M = million. MBTA = Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. MPO = Metropolitan Planning Organization. NHS = National Highway System. PRC = MassDOT Project Review Committee. TIP = Transportation Improvement Program.