DATE:†† April 10, 2024

TO:†††††† Regional Transportation Advisory Council

FROM:† Stella Jordan, Public Engagement Program Manager

RE:††††††† Draft Advisory Council Language for MPO MOU Update


This memorandum proposes new draft language for the Regional Transportation Advisory Council (Advisory Council) section of the MPOís Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document. The new language reflects recommendations made by the MPO Ad-Hoc MOU Update Committee, research on peer agenciesí advisory councils, MPO Public Engagement Program goals and objectives, and conversations with the Advisory Council and Advisory Council leadership. Key changes distinguishing this draft from the current MOU language regarding the Advisory Council include the following:

       Clear mission statement

       Defined goals

       Clarification of the relationship between the Advisory Council and MPO staff


This draft language is not final, and represents a work in progress that will be further refined by input from the Advisory Council and the MOU Committee.


1†††††††† Proposed update

The Boston Region MPO supports a Regional Transportation Advisory Council (Advisory Council) to advance public engagement in the 3C planning process. As a public forum that guides MPO planning and decision-making, the Advisory Council includes and elevates diverse perspectives from stakeholders representing areas and interests throughout the region. The Advisory Councilís mission is to create space for broad conversations and knowledge-building about regional transportation issues and provide input into the development of MPO programs and projects in the context of public priorities.


To accomplish this, the Advisory Council is guided by the following goals:

1.    Equity. A membership comprising advocacy, community-based, and professional organizations, agencies, and municipalities that increases equitable involvement in the MPOís decision-making process by including and elevating diverse and underrepresented perspectives, fostering robust dialogue, and supporting engagement in the planning process.

2.    Accountability. A focus on bringing transparency and greater accountability to encourage the MPOís decision-making to be consistent with the vision and goals established in the long-range plan.

3.    Engagement. An empowered role in the development and implementation of the MPOís Public Engagement Program and Plan and coordination with staff on public education efforts.


To support the Advisory Councilís mission and goals, the administration and facilitation of the Advisory Council is managed and funded through the Boston Region MPO Public Engagement Program. MPO staff provide educational opportunities for Advisory Council members to effectively engage with MPO work and maintain timely connections between the Advisory Council and the MPO planning process, including by creating engagement opportunities at key decision-making points, evaluating the impact of the Advisory Councilís engagement in the planning process, and coordinating on implementation of the Public Engagement Plan.


The Advisory Council holds a seat on the MPO board and membership in committees of the board.





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