FFYs 2024-28 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment Six

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  Overall Changes in Funding in TIP
Project Proposed Change Explanation Section/Funding Source Current Cost New Cost Difference
FFY 2024 Regional Target Program            
110980: Newton–Weston– Bridge Rehabilitation, N-12-010=W-29-005, Commonwealth Avenue (Route 30) over the Charles River Cost Increase The cost of this project has increased after reaching the 100% design stage.
This project was originally funded in the Statewide Highway Program, and the increase in cost may be funded by that program rather than the Regional Target Program.
Regional Target: NHPP Penalty
Statewide Highway: Highway Investment Program, Bridge
$21,851,750 $27,700,000 $5,848,250
FFY 2024 Statewide Highway Program            
608522: Middleton– Bridge Replacement, M–20–003, Route 62 (Maple Street) over Ipswich River Cost Increase The cost of this project has increased following attainment of Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) on March 6, 2024. Statewide Highway: STBG-Off-System Bridge. $2,328,651 $3,584,586 $1,255,935
FFY 2024 Earmark/Discretionary Program            
S12957: MBTA Catamaran Overhaul Project New Project This line item is being created to program FFY 2021 Ferry Boat capital program funding into the MBTA’s Catamaran Overhaul project to support an overhaul of the 149-passenger ferries alongside spare parts, test equipment, tools, and training.  Discretionary: Ferry Boat Program $0 $626,124 $626,124

FFY = Federal Fiscal Year. MBTA = Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. NHPP= National Highway Performance Program. STBG = Surface Transportation Block Grant.