Destination 2050 Planning Framework
(February 2023)

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Vision Statement

The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization envisions an equitable, pollution-free, and modern regional transportation system that gets people to their destinations safely, easily, and reliably, and that supports an inclusive, resilient, healthy, and economically vibrant Boston region.




Facilitate an inclusive and transparent transportation-planning process and make investments that eliminate transportation-related disparities borne by people in disadvantaged communities.

Equity Objectives

* Disadvantaged communities are those in which a significant portion of the population identifies as an MPO equity population—people who identify as minority, have limited English proficiency, are 75 years old or older or 17 years old or younger, or have a disability—or has low income.



Achieve zero transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries and improve safety for all users of the transportation system.

Safety Objectives


Mobility and Reliability

Support easy and reliable movement of people and freight.

Mobility and Reliability Objectives

Access and Connectivity

Provide transportation options and improve access to key destinations to support economic vitality and high quality of life.   

Access and Connectivity Objectives



Provide transportation that supports sustainable environments and enables people to respond and adapt to climate change and other changing conditions.

Resiliency Objectives


Clean Air and Healthy Communities

Provide transportation free of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants and that supports good health.

Clean Air and Healthy Communities Objectives