Destination 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

Destination 2040 will be the next 20-year transportation plan to meet the needs of the Boston region.

How would you improve the Boston region’s transportation system? That’s the question at the heart of the MPO’s preparations for Destination 2040, which the MPO expects to adopt in the spring of 2019.

Every four years, the MPO identifies the system’s strengths and weaknesses; forecasts changes in population, employment, and land use; and creates a plan to address existing and future mobility needs. The resulting long-range transportation plan (LRTP) allocates funding for major projects in the Boston region and guides the MPO’s funding of capital investment programs and studies.

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Note: Charting Progress to 2040, the current LRTP, will remain active until the MPO finalizes Destination 2040.  

Timeline. Federal fiscal year 2015: create a plan, Charting Progress to 2040. Federal fiscal years 2016 through 2019: implement plan through projects, studies, and technical analyses. Federal fiscal years 2017 through 2018: identify the region's transportation needs. Federal fiscal year 2018: revisit vision, goals, and objectives. Federal fiscal years 2018 through 2019: prioritize investments. Federal fiscal year 2019: create a plan, Destination 2040.

Graphic showing time line described in preceding text.

What’s Happening Now?

Throughout 2018, MPO staff worked on updates for the Needs Assessment for Destination 2040. The updates for Destination 2040’s Needs Assessment were presented as the Draft Needs Assessment Summary and Recommendations memorandum (html) at the MPO’s meeting on November 15, 2018.

At the December 20, 2018, meeting, staff presented the Universe of Projects (html). The Universe lists active and conceptual highway and transit projects that are being considered for programming in the next LRTP. Proponents of those projects programmed in Charting Progress to 2040, the current LRTP, which have not reached an advanced stage of design, were invited to attend the meeting to provide progress updates. The MPO will decide whether to continue to include these projects in Destination 2040 based on overall analysis and updates from the proponents.

At the January 17, 2019, MPO meeting, the board agreed on revisions to the existing vision, goals, and objectives of the LRTP.


  • Do the topics covered in the Draft Needs Assessment memorandum address all of your transportation needs?
  • Does the Universe include the correct information about projects eligible for inclusion?
  • Are there any projects missing for which you would like to advocate?

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Anne McGahan, MPO staff, at 857.702.3676 or