Destination 2040 Investments

Identifying Future Investments

The MPO formulates a long-range transportation plan (LRTP) that prioritizes transportation investments to meet the identified needs of users in the Boston region. To inform its decisions, the MPO seeks public input about various investments and assesses how different packages of investment strategies and projects could advance the MPO’s vision and goals.

Each investment scenario includes regionally significant infrastructure projects that the MPO’s partners commit to fund and construct—projects identified in plans such as the MBTA’s Focus40, MassDOT’s Statewide Bicycle, Pedestrian, Rail, and Freight Transportation Plans, and the City of Boston’s GoBoston 2030 initiative. The scenarios differ based on how the MPO’s discretionary federal funding is allocated to complement these regionally significant projects.

In its previous LRTP, Charting Progress to 2040, the MPO determined that it could best achieve its goals by setting aside at least half of its discretionary funding for smaller-scale, lower-cost projects that improve mobility and safety for all roadway users, including bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and transit riders. Destination 2040, the next LRTP, offers the MPO an opportunity to reprioritize its investments in these smaller-scale, lower-cost improvements.

Planning Scenarios

The MPO used its travel demand model to understand the state of the transportation system as of 2016 (Destination 2040’s base-year condition) and its predicted state in 2040 (the 2040 No-Build condition). The 2040 No-Build condition assumes no changes to transportation infrastructure between now and 2040, except for the implementation of projects already under construction or programmed in the current federal fiscal year. The modeling results established a baseline which can now be used to explore alternative 2040 scenarios with different mixes of transportation projects, programs, and future conditions. The results will be included in the completed Needs Assessment.

Developing the Plan

After exploring different scenarios, the MPO staff will evaluate which combination of projects and investment programs best address the region’s transportation needs and the MPO’s vision and goals through 2040. The MPO board will consider the staff’s recommendations, federal and state requirements (including Title VI and environmental justice equity analyses), air quality, financial constraints, and public input before voting to adopt Destination 2040 in 2019.

What’s Happening Now?

The MPO staff is now accepting comments on the LRTP Universe of Programs and Projects. Tell us what direction you think the MPO should take with its investments and whether the recommended programs represent the best way for the MPO to achieve its vision. Use the survey below to rank existing and proposed programs in order of importance. Project proponents may also look to see if the LRTP Universe includes complete information about eligible projects. Tell us if there are any projects missing for which you would like to advocate.

For more information, please contact Anne McGahan, MPO staff, at 857.702.3676 or