Destination 2040 Vision

Vision and Goals from Charting Progress to 2040


A modern transportation system that is safe, uses new technologies, and provides equitable access, excellent mobility, and varied transportation options in support of a sustainable, healthy, livable, and economically vibrant region


  1. Safety: Transportation by all modes will be safe
  2. System Preservation: Maintain the transportation system
  3. Capacity Management/Mobility: Use existing facility capacity more efficiently and increase healthy transportation capacity
  4. Clean Air/Clean Communities: Create an environmentally friendly transportation system
  5. Transportation Equity: Provide comparable transportation access and service quality among communities, regardless of income level or minority population
  6. Economic Vitality: Ensure our transportation network provides a strong foundation for economic vitality

Revisiting the LRTP’s Vision, Goals, and Objectives

The development of Destination 2040 offers an opportunity for the MPO to revisit its 20-year vision for the transportation system in the Boston region—and the goals and objectives that advance that vision—while updating the Needs Assessment and hearing the public’s ideas for ways to improve the system. At the MPO’s meeting on November 15, 2018, staff presented a memorandum titled Proposed Changes to Existing Vision, Goals, and Objectives (html). The document details proposed revisions to the existing vision, goals, and objectives of the LRTP (see the vision in the box to the right) and the rationale for those revisions.

The MPO’s vision and goals guide all of its planning efforts and investment decisions. For example, the MPO assesses how well specific projects would advance its vision and goals when selecting projects to receive discretionary capital funds. Staff found that most of the existing goals and objectives were broad enough to cover the topics and concerns identified during outreach for the Needs Assessment. Based on the public’s input, the Transportation Equity goal area contains the most changes.

The MPO board will vote on adopting the revised vision, goals, and objectives at the meeting on January 17, 2019.

Did the MPO address the concerns of your community?

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