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Transportation affects everyone. The region’s roads, rails, sidewalks, paths, and ferry lines connect people to jobs, activities, and loved ones. Everyone has a hand in shaping the Boston region’s transportation future. There are many ways for individuals to get involved. Continue reading for options to get started. Members of the public can subscribe to receive the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) communications to learn about opportunities that can influence transportation policies, programs, and projects in the Boston region.


Updates to the MPO’s Public Participation Plan

The MPO’s Public Participation Plan (pdf) (html), adopted in October of 2014, documents the various outreach activities that the MPO engages in to ensure that all members of the public are given the opportunity to participate in the metropolitan transportation planning process. The Plan has been revised to change the public review period for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) from 30 to 21 days and to reflect recent changes in legislation, information and communication technologies, and public participation practices. The MPO has released the updated Plan for a 45-day public review period. These updates will be available for public review until April 10, 2019.

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Share Ideas and Views

The MPO seeks input from members of the public who want to share a great idea or their thoughts with local officials.

  • Attend an MPO meeting. Check out the MPO meeting calendar for meeting agendas, minutes, and materials. All locations are accessible to people with disabilities and near public transit. Upon request (preferably two weeks in advance of the meeting), MPO staff will make every effort to provide listening devices, translations, interpreters, or other accommodations that individuals might need to participate.
  • Submit a comment. There are many ways to contact MPO staff.
    • Office: State Transportation Building, 10 Park Plaza, Suite 2150, Boston, MA 02116
    • Phone: 857.702.3687 (voice), 617.570.9192 (fax), 617.570.9193 (TTY)
    • Website:
    • Email:

Advise the MPO

Good planning happens when a wide variety of individuals, businesses, industry professionals, and organizations work together to identify what a better future looks like. The MPO’s Regional Transportation Advisory Council is just that—a diverse group of municipalities, local businesses, public agencies, advocacy groups, and other interested parties. The Advisory Council offers essential, independent advice to the MPO and has a seat on the MPO board. Members of the public can attend a meeting or apply to serve on the Council.


  • Connect with an MPO representative. The MPO’s 24 members include state and federal agencies, advisory councils and boards, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, the City of Boston, and 12 other municipalities.
  • Connect with the MPO’s partners. The MPO is one of many groups working to advance transportation in the Boston region. Some of its member agencies also have independent advisory committees, which offer additional avenues for public participation in regional transportation planning:
  • Connect locally. Although the MPO has a role in deciding which projects are funded with federal dollars, other agencies and municipalities have a part to play, too. By becoming involved locally, individuals can help ensure that future investments reflect local and regional priorities. Contact MassDOT, the MBTA, or a local town planning office to learn how to get involved, and follow @BostonRegionMPO on Twitter to receive updates about planning efforts.

For more information, read our Public Participation Plan (pdf) (html) or contact Alexandra Kleyman, MPO staff, at 857.702.3709 (voice), 617.570.9193 (TTY), or