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MPO News

Pilot Initiative on Paratransit Means Testing
On December 17, the Access Advisory Committee to the MBTA (AACT) will host a discussion by Michael Lambert, Deputy Administrator and Assistant to the MBTA General Manager, on the MBTA’s pilot initiative on paratransit means testing. This pilot was developed by a consortium of the MBTA and several paratransit advocates, including AACT, to help meet the transportation needs of qualifying needs-based RIDE customers.
Coordinated Public Transit–Human Services Transportation Plan Released for Public Review
The MPO has released for public review its Coordinated Public Transit–Human Services Transportation Plan, which identifies the transportation needs of the elderly and people with disabilities in the Boston region and the services that currently exist to serve these populations. Only the projects that meet the needs identified in this plan are eligible to receive funding from the Federal Transit Administration’s Section 5310 program. The MPO will be accepting comments from the public through 5:00 PM on Tuesday, December 30.
Express Highway and Arterial Performance Dashboards Launched
The Boston Region MPO has launched the Express Highway and Arterial Performance Dashboards, new online visualization tools that may be used to pinpoint locations of recurring congestion in the region. These dashboards were completed as a task of the MPO’s Congestion Management Process, a roadway performance monitoring program.
Long-Range Planning Web Tool Launched: A Regional Needs Assessment
For the new Long-Range Transportation Plan, Charting Progress to 2040, the Boston Region MPO has launched an interactive Web tool that allows a user to access a variety of transportation and socioeconomic data. You can use the tool to view the locations on highways and arterial roadways that have the most vehicle crashes, find out where there are highway bottlenecks and congestion, learn the condition of roadway pavements, download census data, and more.