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Dangerous Curves Ahead? MassDOT Offers Local Assistance to Reduce Crashes
MassDOT is offering assistance to cities and towns in an effort to reduce crashes on curved roadways that are municipally owned. This assistance supports state goals to prevent deaths and injuries caused by crashes that involve lane departures, the majority of which, according to national statistics, occur on curved roadways.
Studies Offer Remedies for Safety and Traffic Operations Problems at Intersections
Each year, the Boston Region MPO evaluates several intersections in the region to develop solutions to traffic operations, congestion, and safety problems that affect motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. This past year, studies focused on intersections in Braintree, Holbrook, Lynn, and Waltham that have a high number of crashes. Recommendations from these four studies offer a range of solutions that include options for signal upgrades, traffic lane redesign, improvements in signage, and more.
Evaluating the Regional Bicycle Network
Improving the connectivity and safety of the region’s bicycle network is the focus of a study recently released by the MPO. The Bicycle Network Evaluation study used geographic information systems (GIS) methods to identify and evaluate gaps that exist between bicycle facilities, themselves; and between bicycle facilities and regional transit stations. The study also contains recommendations for next steps to address the highest-priority gaps.
Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Proposed for Cape Ann
A new study released by the Boston Region MPO makes recommendations for improving access and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists in the popular summer recreation areas on Cape Ann.
Traffic Signal-Timing Assistance Available
Communities in the Boston Region MPO area are invited to contact the staff of the MPO to request technical assistance with traffic signal retiming at municipal roadway intersections. As many as ten intersections will be selected for study during federal fiscal year 2014. To be eligible, a municipality must be requesting assistance for an intersection that meets certain criteria.
Study Explores Commuter Travel Patterns
The Boston Region MPO has released a study, Exploring the 2011 Massachusetts Travel Survey, which examined journey-to-work data from a statewide household travel survey. The survey elicited detailed information about the travel patterns of people in 15,040 households in Massachusetts.