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Vote on Planning Documents Scheduled for July 30
The Boston Region MPO is scheduled to vote on July 30, 2015 to approve three transportation planning documents: the Long-Range Transportation Plan, Charting Progress to 2040; the federal fiscal years (FFYs) 2016–20 Transportation Improvement Program; and the FFY 2016 Unified Planning Work Program. The MPO’s decision follows a 30-day public review period during which time the MPO received a number of public comments.
Pedestrian Signal-Phasing Report Released
The Boston Region MPO released findings of a study of the practices and guidelines that the region’s municipalities use to determine when to employ either exclusive or concurrent pedestrian signal-phasing timing. Exclusive phasing allows pedestrians to cross an intersection in all directions while traffic is stopped. Concurrent phasing allows pedestrians to cross in one direction while vehicles move parallel to them. The report recommends improvements for pedestrian safety at signalized intersections.