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Public Involvement

MPO News

Forum on Long-Range Transportation Plan at Boston Public Library
The Boston Region MPO is convening a public meeting on September 22 at the Boston Public Library to discuss several aspects of the development of the MPO’s Long-Range Transportation Plan. The discussion will focus on the vision for the region’s transportation system for the next 25 years, and the goals and objectives for marking progress toward achieving that vision.
Public Participation Meetings Set to Begin
Members of the public are invited to attend any of four upcoming meetings hosted by the Boston Region MPO in Framingham, Dorchester, Lynn, and Quincy. The MPO staff will be on hand to discuss the MPO’s Public Participation Plan and hear ideas and comments from attendees about ways to improve its outreach. In addition, staff will be gathering information for the MPO’s Transportation Equity Program regarding the transportation needs of the elderly, people with disabilities, minorities, and residents with low incomes.
Public Participation Plan Released for Public Comment
The residents of the Boston region are always encouraged to bring their voices to the MPO’s discussions about transportation policies, planning, project selection, and funding. To that end, the MPO follows a Public Participation Program that is designed to give people ample opportunity to give meaningful input into its decision making. The MPO is proposing to revise and update that program, as detailed in its Draft Public Participation Plan. That plan has been released for a 45-day public-review and comment period, which will close at 5:00 PM on October 8, 2014.