Massachusetts Regional Bus Study

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Posted 6/13 

This study analyzes the changes since 1980 in the regional bus services (both intrastate and interstate) that operate within Massachusetts, identifies the reasons for the changes, and examines how these regional services relate to local rail and bus services. Based on this examination, the study identifies issues that have historically prevented the retention or expansion of important services and suggested measures that could be implemented in the future to better meet the needs of un- and-underserved markets, foster desirable system growth, and promote improved mobility options in the state. 

The study found that despite a contraction of the service network over the last 30 years, overall fixed-route coverage in Massachusetts remains good. 

Based on a review of existing conditions, trends in travel markets and service strategies, and practices in other states, this study identifies potential action items for the Commonwealth to consider for maintaining, improving, and possibly expanding the services constituting the regional bus system. 

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