Alewife Studies, Phase II

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Posted 5/09

In Phase II of Alewife Studies, CTPS:

  1. Reevaluated, using the most recent RMV vehicle-garage information, the traffic patterns that had been derived from the Phase I license plate survey.
  2. Recommended improvements to MBTA feeder bus service to Alewife Station aimed at increasing feeder bus ridership to the Red Line.
    Identified improvements to MBTA feeder bus access/egress between the Alewife garage and Route 2.
  3. Recommended operational improvements to the Route 2/Alewife Brook Parkway (Route 16) intersection.

Click here to download the executive summary.

Three memos were produced documenting Phase II:

  1. Alewife License Plate Data Rematching with 2008 RMV Database, February 29, 2008.
  2. Recommended Improvements to MBTA Feeder Bus Routes to Alewife Station to Increase Feeder Bus Ridership to the Red Line, January 13, 2009.
  3. Traffic Operations and Bus Access and Egress at the Route 2/Route 16 Intersection and the Alewife MBTA Garage: Existing Conditions and Recommended Improvements, April 1, 2009.