The 2013 Congestion Management Report

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This report documents the Congestion Management Process (CMP) of the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization. The CMP report depicts an objectives-driven, performance-based approach that consists of eight steps, each of which is illustrated as a respective chapter, as listed below. The report outlines congestion monitoring results for limited-access highways (including high-occupancy-vehicle lanes), arterial roadways, public transit (commuter rail, rapid transit, bus, and commuter boat), pedestrian facilities, bicycle facilities, and intermodal facilities (such as park-and-ride lots and bicycle parking facilities).

Title Page and Introduction  (PDF) (HTML)

  1. Develop Regional Objectives  (PDF) (HTML)
  2. Define the CMP Network  (PDF) (HTML)
  3. Develop Multimodal Performance Measures  (PDF) (HTML)
  4. Collect Data and Monitor System Performance  (PDF) (HTML)
  5. Analyze Congestion Problems and Needs  (PDF) (HTML)
  6. Identify and Assess Strategies  (PDF) (HTML)
  7. Program and Implement Strategies  (PDF) (HTML)
  8. Evaluate Strategy Effectiveness  (PDF) (HTML)

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