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Community Connections Grant Applications

The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has opened the application period for the next round of Community Connections Program grants. Applications will be accepted until December 23, 2022. Please review the information below to learn more.

What is the Community Connections Program?

Community Connections (CC) is the MPO’s funding program for first- and last-mile solutions, community transportation, and other small, nontraditional transportation projects such as those that update transit technology and improve bicycle facilities. The CC program is one of the investment programs included in the MPO’s current Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Destination 2040, and is funded at a level of $2 million per year in the federal fiscal years (FFYs) 2023—27 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include municipalities and regional transit authorities (RTAs) within the Boston Region MPO area. Other entities, such as transportation management associations and nonprofit organizations, are encouraged to apply in partnership with a municipality or RTA that has agreed to serve as the project proponent and fiscal manager.

What Projects Are Eligible?

The CC program funds projects in the following categories:

  • Bike-supportive infrastructure, including:
    • Bikeshare stations and vehicles
    • Bicycle parking and shelters
    • Bicycle lanes
  • Bus Lanes
  • Transit operating (new bus or shuttle service)
  • Transit signal priority

More details are available in the application guide. If you have questions about the eligibility of a project, please contact Ethan Lapointe (contact information below).

How Do I Apply?

Take these three steps to apply for CC Program funding:

  1. Review the application guide to ensure that your proposal aligns with the MPO’s funding priorities for the CC Program. This guide contains links to the application and budget forms for each project.
  2. Fill out the online application and submit it along with the accompanying budget form and other supporting materials. The application varies by the type of project, so please be sure to fill out the application that corresponds to your proposed project. All application materials are listed below.
  3. MPO staff will be in touch with you to confirm receipt of your application and inform you of next steps in the proposal review process.

Relevant documents:
Community Connections Application Guide


Bikeshare Stations and Bikes:

Bicycle Parking and Shelters:

Bicycle Lanes:

Bus Lanes:

Transit Signal Priority:

Transit Operations (New Bus or Shuttle Service):


Ethan Lapointe, TIP Manager

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