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The staff to the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS), was created in 1974 to develop a permanent resource of expertise in comprehensive, multimodal transportation planning and analysis. CTPS promotes interagency cooperation, ensures consistency among planning efforts, reduces redundancy, and fills gaps in the capabilities of MPO members—thus enabling the MPO's 3C (and related) work for member agencies to be accomplished efficiently and effectively.

The organizational chart illustrates CTPS’s structure. Following is a list of staff, along with their contact information, in each of the CTPS groups.

Group or Position Name Phone E-mail

Executive Director

Tegin Teich 857.702.3686 tteich@ctps.org

Deputy Executive Director

Gina Perille 857.702.3654 gperille@ctps.org

Director of Technical Services

Scott Peterson 857.702.3683 speterson@ctps.org

Director of Policy and Planning

Annette Demchur 857.702.3650 ademchur@ctps.org

Director of Operations and Finance

Hiral Gandhi 857.702.3655 hgandhi@ctps.org

Associate Director of Regional Modeling and Analysis

Marty Milkovits 857.702.3659 mmilkovits@ctps.org

Certification Activities and MPO Support

Manager Jonathan Church 857.702.3709 jchurch@ctps.org
Matt Archer 857.702.3708 marcher@ctps.org
Róisín Foley 857.702.3704 rfoley@ctps.org
Matt Genova 857.702.3702 mgenova@ctps.org
Betsy Harvey 857.702.3701 eharvey@ctps.org
Sandy Johnston 857.702.3710 sjohnston@ctps.org
Anne McGahan 857.702.3676 amcgahan@ctps.org
Ariel Patterson 857.702.3651 apatterson@ctps.org
Michelle Scott 857.702.3692 mscott@ctps.org
Kate White 857.702.3658 kwhite@ctps.org

Computer Resources

Manager Gina Weaver 857.702.3699 gweaver@ctps.org
Xianli Wang 857.702.3680 xwang@ctps.org

Data Resources

Margaret Atkinson 857.702.3697 matkinson@ctps.org
David Knudsen 857.702.3669 dknudsen@ctps.org
Ben Krepp 857.702.3670 bkrepp@ctps.org


Manager Maureen Kelly 857.702.3667 mkelly@ctps.org
Meghan O'Connor 857.702.3696 moconnor@ctps.org
David Davenport 857.702.3679 ddavenport@ctps.org

Finance and Operations

Paulette Amisano 857.702.3642 pamisano@ctps.org
Barbara Rutman 857.702.3690 brutman@ctps.org


Manager Jane Gillis 857.702.3657 jgillis@ctps.org
Kim DeLauri 857.702.3649 kdelauri@ctps.org
Ken Dumas 857.702.3653 kdumas@ctps.org
Kate Parker-O'Toole 857.702.3681 kparker@ctps.org

Traffic Analysis and Design

Manager Mark Abbott 857.702.3641 mabbott@ctps.org
Seth Asante 857.702.3644 sasante@ctps.org
Casey-Marie Claude 857.702.3707 cclaude@ctps.org
Julie Dombroski 857.702.3684 jdombroski@ctps.org
Ryan Hicks 857.702.3661 rhicks@ctps.org
Kathy Jacob 857.702.3663 kjacob@ctps.org
Bill Kuttner 857.702.3671 bkuttner@ctps.org
Chen-Yuan Wang 857.702.3698 ywang@ctps.org

Transit Analysis and Planning

Manager Paul Christner 857.702.3656 pchristner@ctps.org
Blake Acton 857.702.3660 bacton@ctps.org
Steven Andrews 857.702.3643 sandrews@ctps.org
Jonathan Belcher 857.702.3645 jbelcher@ctps.org
Emily Domanico 857.702.3662 edomanico@ctps.org
Bradley Putnam 857.702.3689 bputnam@ctps.org

Transportation Systems Analysis

Ben Dowling 857.702.3652 bdowling@ctps.org
Drashti Joshi 857.702.3664 djoshi@ctps.org
Bruce Kaplan 857.702.3665 bkaplan@ctps.org
Sanjay Kaul 857.702.3666 skaul@ctps.org
Benjamin Sadkowski 857.702.3668 bsadkowski@ctps.org

Travel Model Development

Manager Ed Bromage 857.702.3646 ebromage@ctps.org
Leila Azizi 857.702.3677 lazizi@ctps.org
Sabiheh Faghih 857.702.3674 sfaghih@ctps.org
Jieping Li 857.702.3673 jli@ctps.org
Paul Reim 857.702.3688 preim@ctps.org