Development of the Boston Region MPO’s Disparate Impact and Disproportionate Burden Policy

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The Boston Region MPO is establishing a policy to safeguard against unintentional discrimination when making decisions about investments in the transportation system. The MPO invites the public to participate in the development of this Disparate Impact and Disproportionate Burden (DI/DB) Policy. Please read on for more information and to sign up for updates.

Current Updates

MPO staff will present the MPO's draft Disparate Impact and Disproportionate Burden (DI/DB) at the May 2, 2019 MPO board meeting. Click here to see the meeting calendar and agendas.

What is a DI/DB Policy?

As a recipient of federal funding, the MPO must identify and address, as appropriate, disproportionately high and adverse effects of its transportation investments on minority populations and/or low-income populations. (Adverse effects are considered either a denial or a delay of benefits, or the imposition of excessive burdens.) These effects are called disparate impacts (DI) when they affect minority populations and disproportionate burdens (DB) when they affect low-income populations. The MPO is developing a DI/DB Policy to identify when transportation investments programmed in the MPO’s long-range transportation plan (LRTP) might produce disparate impacts or disproportionate burdens.

What Are the Goals of the DI/DB Development Process?

Through a public process the MPO aims to

  • collaborate with stakeholders who work with and represent the interests of minority or low-income populations to develop a DI/DB Policy that reflects the transportation concerns of minority and low-income residents; and
  • understand, through dialogue with minority and low-income residents, which transportation impacts are most important to address—whether through the DI/DB Policy or through other MPO activities.

How Can I Be Involved?

Public involvement is an important part in the process of developing the DI/DB Policy. The MPO is interested in better understanding the challenges that people experience in using the region’s transportation system and getting feedback about the policy as it is developed. There are several upcoming opportunities to provide this input:

  • Attend any of the three workshops where a diverse group of stakeholders will help the MPO develop the DI/DB Policy. (See the timeline to the right.) Each workshop will provide an opportunity for public comment.
  • Attend the Public Workshop on June 26.
  • Sign up for updates (meeting summaries, informational materials, and questionnaires to provide feedback).

The timeline on the right indicates the times and locations of the events, which are free and open the public. A light meal will be served at all of the events. Please forward this information to others who may be interested.

To request special accommodations, or if you need this information in another language, please contact the MPO staff at 857.702.3700 (voice), 617.570.9193 (TTY), or send an email to Betsy Harvey at Please allow 14 days’ notice.