North Suburban Commuter-Oriented Transit Opportunities: Phase II

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Posted 9/05

Phase I of the North Suburban Transit Opportunities Study, completed in 2002, examined the feasibility of providing new commuter-oriented transit services and of making improvements to existing services in the North Suburban Subregion of the Boston Region MPO area. Some of the proposed new services would connect major employment destinations along the Route 128 corridor with commuter rail stations. Possible improvements to existing services include extending or rerouting MBTA bus lines in Stoneham, Reading, and Burlington to connect with other services, such as commuter rail. The primary objective of Phase II of the study was to further develop the transit service improvement ideas identified in Phase I, at a greater level of detail. This included identifying specific markets of potential riders, reconfirming exact routings, developing schedules, identifying operating and capital costs, and estimating ridership.

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