Performance-based Planning and Programming—Roadway Safety Targets

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The Boston Region MPO envisions a modern, well-maintained transportation system that supports a sustainable, healthy, livable, and economically vibrant region. To achieve this vision, the transportation system must be safe and resilient; incorporate emerging technologies; and provide equitable access, excellent mobility, and varied transportation options.

-Destination 2040 Vision

On February 3, 2023, the MPO board voted to adopt the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ calendar year (CY) 2023 targets for a set of federally required roadway safety performance measures. The Commonwealth and MPOs are required to establish one-year targets for these measures on an annual basis, which pertain to fatalities and serious injuries occurring on roadways. By adopting these targets, the MPO agrees to plan and program projects that help the Commonwealth achieve its roadway safety targets. For more information about these measures, CY 2023 targets, and related processes, please refer to the memorandum titled Roadway Safety Targets, Calendar Year 2023 (PDF) Roadway Safety Targets, Calendar Year 2023 (HTML).

Massachusetts Safety Performance Targets

Performance Measure

CY 2023 Target 

MA Long-Term 

Number of Fatalities



Fatality Rate (per 100M VMT)



Number of Serious Injuries



Serious Injury Rate (per 100M VMT)



Number of Nonmotorized Fatalities and Serious Injuries



* These targets are expressed as five-year rolling annual averages. 
CY = calendar year. M = million. MA = Massachusetts. VMT = vehicle-miles traveled.   
Sources: Federal Highway Administration, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston Region MPO staff.