Route 20 East Corridor Study in Marlborough

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Posted 2/17

The Route 20 East Corridor in Marlborough was approved for the federal fiscal year 2016 Subregional Roadways study by the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), through a comprehensive selection process that reviewed 24 potential corridors in the region. The study corridor is about 3.6 miles from Marlborough city center to the Sudbury town line. It contains several high-crash locations that need to be improved for the safety and mobility of users of all transportation modes.

MPO staff, working with City of Marlborough and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), collected crash and transportation data, conducted safety and operational analyses, and developed short- and long-term improvements for the entire corridor and at specific locations. This report documents the analyses and proposed improvements; it provides background information about the study, summarizes recommended improvements, and discusses steps toward implementation. The report also includes technical appendices that contain the data and methods used in the study.

Major recommended improvements for the corridor and expected benefits include:

  • A three-lane roadway reconfiguration (Boston Post Road East Section) would slow traffic, provide separate bicycle accommodations, and reduce pedestrian crossing distances and risks.
  • Sidewalk and bicycle lane installations would enhance pedestrian and cyclist accommodations and safety, and improve traffic operations.
  • The proposed improvements at intersections would improve safety and mobility for all users.
  • The proposed signal coordination of the intersections on East Main Street would improve mobility, access, and safety for all users.

This study offers a vision for the corridor’s future development and confirms its potential for transforming into a pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly roadway while maintaining its regional travel capacity. It will require significant effort and collaboration on the part of all stakeholders, including the City of Marlborough, residents and owners of adjacent developments, and MassDOT to achieve this vision.

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