Exploring the 2011 Massachusetts Travel Survey: MPO Travel Profiles

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Posted 3/17

The 2011 Massachusetts Travel Survey (2011-MTS) is a valuable data source containing detailed information about the travel patterns of Massachusetts residents. The 2011-MTS has been used to develop a new travel demand model for eastern Massachusetts and to inform studies about commuting and other travel patterns in the Boston metropolitan region.

In this study, the survey data were used to create profiles of the commuting patterns of residents in the 13 planning regions in Massachusetts. The report characterizes each planning region individually, and also provides detailed comparisons between the planning areas in the eastern part of the state, closest to Boston, and those more distant from the urban core. Detailed analyses of the modes used and distances traveled by commuters, as well as travel by non-commuters, are also summarized by planning region. The report also discusses travel by non-auto modes and several opportunities for effecting a mode shift away from single-occupant driving.

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