MBTA Commuter Rail Passenger Count Results

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Posted 9/13 

This memorandum summarizes the results of comprehensive passenger counts conducted by CTPS on the MBTA commuter rail system between January and June 2012, and provides recommendations concerning the nature and frequency of future counts. 

The data collected by CTPS were compared to several types of MBTA commuter rail ridership and ridership-related data that have historically been collected on an ongoing basis. The findings show that the CTPS count results are consistent with estimates based on pass and ticket sales figures and with results of peak-period passenger counts conducted by consultants for MBCR, currently the operator of the MBTA’s commuter rail system. 

The findings also show that commuter rail passenger counts at the level of detail provided by the 2012 CTPS counts should not need to be repeated on a regular basis. It would, however, be advisable to conduct special counts in conjunction with projects pertaining to specific stations, trains, or routes. 

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