Development of the FFYs 2018–22 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Key Dates in TIP Development




  • 6
    MPO Meeting: Develop recommendations
    • Draft TIP Programming Scenarios, revised 4/6/17 (PDF)
    • Draft MBTA Transit Program, revised 4/4/17, by federal funding program (PDF) and by fiscal year (PDF)
    • Draft MWRTA and CATA Transit Programs (PDF)
    • Additional Public Comments (PDF)
  • 13
    Milestone: Staff posts Draft TIP for MPO board review
    • Draft TIP (PDF)
    • Draft TIP Tables (PDF)
    • Draft TIP Target Program, revised 4/13/17 (PDF)
  • 20
    MPO Meeting: Vote to release Draft TIP for public review
    • Additional Public Comments (PDF)
  • 25
    Milestone: Public review and comment period begins