Creating New TIP Criteria

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The MPO’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) guides the TIP project selection process. To better reflect the vision and investments outlined in Destination 2040, the recently adopted LRTP, the MPO is now revising the criteria used to evaluate projects. The criteria are broken into categories that correspond to the goal areas in the LRTP: safety, system preservation and modernization, capacity management and mobility, transportation equity, clean air and sustainable communities, and economic vitality. With the technical assistance of Transportation for America (T4America), the MPO is also pursuing ways to incorporate cost-effectiveness measures into the project selection process. The new criteria will be developed throughout 2020 and used for the first time in federal fiscal year (FFY) 2021 to score projects eligible for funding in the FFYs 2022–26 TIP.

Overall Criteria Revision Process

Fall 2019–Spring 2020: Conduct public outreach, finalize T4America technical assistance work, begin drafting criteria changes

Spring 2020: Share results of public outreach with stakeholders and the MPO, continue drafting criteria changes, discuss proposed changes to criteria in phases

Summer 2020: Present draft criteria, solicit public feedback on draft criteria, conduct test project scoring, and approve final new criteria

Fall 2020–Winter 2021: Use new criteria to score projects eligible for funding in the FFYs 2022-26 TIP

Current Updates

Cover of A Guidebook to Updating the TIP Criteria July 2020Learn More About the Proposed Changes to the Project Selection Criteria

When deciding what transportation projects to fund, the MPO uses criteria to assess how each project will help accomplish the MPO’s goals for transportation in the region. With the endorsement of the Long-Range Transportation Plan, Destination 2040, the MPO has the opportunity to revise the project evaluation criteria to better reflect the updated regional goals.

Check out the TIP Criteria Update Guidebook (PDF) (HTML) for details. The MPO will vote on new criteria in October 2020.